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Cute Ebony Babe Hypnotic Bangs Big Hard Dick

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Let me tell you about this wild ebony nympho named Hypnotic that I met at a club last night. All the men were starring at her, but I was the one that made the move to dance with her. One minute she’s grinding against me on the dance floor and the next minute, we’re headed back to my place. Check out these video clips and see what happened next!

As soon as we got back to my apartment, she ripped off her dress to show that she was wearing this wild leather and metal bra and thong set. It might be the kinkiest and sexiest lingerie that I’ve ever seen. But of course, it wasn’t long before the lingerie was on the floor. She gave an good blowjob, but I couldn’t wait to fuck her black pussy. I drilled her pussy and even drilled her butt too. She definitely wasn’t expecting that, but she moaned each time I pushed deep inside of her ass.

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